The Shabti of Senebimi

The Shabti of Senebimi


The Shabti of Senebimi:

The arrangement of signs are in a single column from right to left and we know this by reading into the glyphs as if you are speaking with the figures and animals etc. Here are provided the Transliteration (TRL), Egyptology Speak (ES), and Translation (TRS) for each column:


Single Column:

TRL: Htp di nswt wsir xA t Hnqt kA Apd Ssr mnxt n imAxw r nTr aA n snbimi mAa-xrw

ES: ‘hetep di nesewt wesir kha te henqet kha aped sesher menkhet en imakew er netcher aa senebimi maa kherew’

TRS: “An offering the king gives to Wesir (Osiris), 1000 breads, beer, oxen, fowl, alabaster, and clothing for the honored one before the great god, Senebimi, who is true of voice”


Transliteration & Translation done by: Antwon Jermaine

Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher (True Scribes of Medew Netcher)


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