The Misuse of “Debate”

The concept of debate stems from its original meaning which is “to beat down.” A debate is to involve two or more apposing arguments where the issues are beat down to its core components to get to the facts (reality). In order to do this, procedures were structured on the best methods to accurately discern fact from fiction. Many people are unaware of proper procedure and methods of debate resulting in a negative association with debating. Proper debating is what we need, now more than ever due to the accessibility to masses amount of people in a short amount of time because of the internet etc. There is a lot of false information (intentional or not). In cultures based on capitalism, its easy to become victims of people capitalizing off false information and ignorance. Knowing how to properly investigate, vet sources, and debate will reduce gullibility and the acceptance of misinformation adding to our demise as a people in general. Most times, what people call debating is not debating.

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