What is Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher?

The name Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher comes from sSw maA ny mdw-nTr where:

  • sSw «scribes»
  • mAa «loyal, true, real»
  • ny «of»
  • mdw «words, communication»
  • nTr «divine».

Therefore the name Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher expresses the meaning of “Loyal or True Scribes of Divine Words.” The inspiration for the name comes from the 5th line of the Stela Inscription of the 13th dynasty King, Neferhotep from Abydos.  Excerpt:



HAt-sp 2 xr Hm n Hrw grg tAwy nbty wpi mAat Hrw-nbw mn mrwt

nyswt bity xa-sxm-ra sA ra nfr-Htp ms.n mwt-nyswt kmi di anx Dd wAs mi-ra Dt

3 xat Hm.f Hr st Hrw m aH qAi nfrw 4 Dd in Hm.f n Spsw smrw wnnyw m xt.f

5 sSw mAa ny mdw-nTr Hrw-tp StAw nb 6 iw Abi n ib.i mAA sSw pAwt n tm

7 pgA n.i r sipty wr 8 imi rx.i nTr m qmAm.f pAwt nTr m

9 mAa Htpw-nTr 10 wdn Sat Hr wDHw 11 rx.i nTr m irw.f

12 msi sw mi tpt.f a

Egyptological Spelling/Pronunciation

hat-sep 2 kher hem en Herew gereg tAwy nebty wepi maat Herew-nebew men merwet
nysewt bity kha-sekhem-ra sa ra nefer-hotep mesen mut-nysewt kemi di ankh djed was mi-ra djet
3 khat hemef her set Herew em ah qai neferew 4 djed in hemef n shepsew smerew wenenyew em khetef
5 seshew maa ny medew-netcher herew-tep shatau neb 6 yew abi en ibi maa seshew pawet en tem
7 pega ni er sipety wer 8 imi rekhee netcher em qemamef paut netcher em qiwsen
9 maa ensen hetepew-netcher 10 weden shat her wedjehew 11 rekh ee netcher em irew ef
12 mesi sew mi tepet ef a


1Regnal Year 2 under the Majesty of the Heru: Founder of the Two Lands, He of the Two Ladies: Revealing the Truth, Falcon of Gold: Lasting of Love, 2King of Upper and Lower Egypt Kha-Sekhem-Re, Son of Re Neferhotep, born to the king’s mother Kemi, granted life, stability, and dominion like Re forever. 3The appearance of the king upon the Heru throne in the palace, Exalted of Beauty. 4His Majesty said to the nobles and the Companions who were in his company, 5the scribes loyal to hieroglyphs and those who were in charge of all confidential matters: 6My heart wishes to see the primeval writings of Atum. 7Unroll for me the Great Inventory. 8Let me know the god in his essence and the Ennead in its nature 9that I may offer to them divine offerings and 10offer breads upon the altars 11so that I might know the god in his forms, 12that I might fashion him according to his former state.

The Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher is a membership of like-minded individuals with aspirations of being true/loyal scribes of divine words (mdw-nTr).  We embrace the importance of learning the languages of Kemet as a means to enter the world of Ancient Kemet and have a meeting of the minds with the illustrious civilization, society, culture, and people responsible for contributing so much to the world whether realized or not.

In order for us to have a deep and exciting dialogue with Kemet, it is necessary for us to master the Egyptian language.

Dr. Theophile Obenga

While acknowledging the vast greatness of Kemet and its contributions to the world, we seek to know what made the people of Kemet great – the ingredients of such genius.  This knowledge is an invaluable resource in establishing a solid foundation on which we can build solutions in the best interest of African people for the challenges of today’s society.

Membership has its privilages and is open to individuals who have shown suitable proficiency at a Beginner Level by completing one of the two methods of Beginner’s Introduction To Medew Netcher courses and passing a certification exam.  The benefits include:

  • Scholastic comradery
  • Tutoring
  • Access to vast research material and resources
  • Consistent practice and execution of translating primary text
  • Opportunities to advance in grammar and linguistics to participate in the revival of speech communities

The Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher is part of a larger structure forthcoming.