R. Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems

R. Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems

Gardiner Number Sign Description of Sign Functions
  R1 π“Š― high table with offerings Log. or det. transliteration, “table of offerings”.
  R2 π“Š° table with slices of bread Use as mdw-nTr R1.
  R2a π“Š± high table with offerings Use as mdw-nTr R1.
  R3 π“Š² low table with offerings Log. or det. transliteration, “table of offerings”.
  R3a π“Š³ low table Use as mdw-nTr R3.
  R3b π“Š΄ low table with offerings (simplified) Use as mdw-nTr R3.
  R4 π“Š΅ loaf on mat

Log. transliteration, “altar”.

Phon. transliteration.

  R5 π“ŠΆ narrow censer

Log. or det. transliteration, “fumigate”.

Phon. transliteration, transliteration.

  R6 π“Š· broad censer Use as mdw-nTr R5.
  R7 π“ŠΈ bowl with smoke

Log. or det. transliteration, “incense”.

Use as mdw-nTr W10a.

  R8 π“ŠΉ cloth on pole

Log. transliteration, “god”.

Det. god.

  R9 π“ŠΊ combination of mdw-nTr R8 and mdw-nTr V33 Log. or det. transliteration, “natron”.
  R10 π“Š» combination of mdw-nTr R8, mdw-nTr T28 and mdw-nTr N29 Log. transliteration, “necropolis”.
  R10a π“ŠΌ combination of mdw-nTr R8 and mdw-nTr T28 Use as mdw-nTr R10.
  R11 π“Š½ reed column

Log. transliteration, “djed-column”.

Phon. transliteration.

  R12 π“ŠΎ standard

Det. transliteration, “standard”. Ex. mdw-nTr .

Det. god.

  R13 π“ŠΏ falcon and feather on standard Log. or det. transliteration, “west”, “right”.
  R14 π“‹€ feather on standard

Log. transliteration, “west”.

Log. transliteration, “right”.

  R15 𓋁 spear emblem

Log. transliteration, “east”.

Phon. transliteration.

  R16 π“‹‚ sceptre with feathers and string Log. or det. transliteration, “ukh-fetish”.
  R16a 𓋃 sceptre with feathers Log. or det. transliteration, “Nefertem”.
  R17 π“‹„ wig on pole Use as mdw-nTr NU8.
  R18 π“‹… combination of mdw-nTr R17 and mdw-nTr N24 Use as mdw-nTr NU8.
  R19 𓋆 mdw-nTr S40 with feather

Log. transliteration, “Thebes”.

Use as mdw-nTr S40 [Phon. transliteration].

  R20 𓋇 flower with horns Log. transliteration, “Seshat”.
  R21 π“‹ˆ flower with horns Use as mdw-nTr R20.
  R22 𓋉 two narrow belemnites

Log. transliteration, “Min”.

Log. transliteration, “Ausim”.

Phon. transliteration.

  R23 π“‹Š two broad belemnites Use as mdw-nTr R22.
  R24 π“‹‹ two bows tied horizontally Log. transliteration, “Neith”.
  R25 π“‹Œ two bows tied vertically Use as mdw-nTr R24.
  R26 𓋍 combination of mdw-nTr N17, mdw-nTr F36, mdw-nTr M24a and mdw-nTr M13 Log. transliteration, “unite”.
  R27 π“‹Ž two arrows crossed over a shield Log. transliteration, “Neith”.
  R28 𓋏 Bat Log. or det. transliteration, “Bat (symbol of Hathor)”.
  R29 𓋐 niche with serpent Log. transliteration, “niche (for statues)”.