R. Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems

R. Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems

Gardiner Number Sign Description of Sign Functions
  R1 𓊯 high table with offerings Log. or det. transliteration, “table of offerings”.
  R2 𓊰 table with slices of bread Use as mdw-nTr R1.
  R2a 𓊱 high table with offerings Use as mdw-nTr R1.
  R3 𓊲 low table with offerings Log. or det. transliteration, “table of offerings”.
  R3a 𓊳 low table Use as mdw-nTr R3.
  R3b 𓊴 low table with offerings (simplified) Use as mdw-nTr R3.
  R4 𓊵 loaf on mat

Log. transliteration, “altar”.

Phon. transliteration.

  R5 𓊶 narrow censer

Log. or det. transliteration, “fumigate”.

Phon. transliteration, transliteration.

  R6 𓊷 broad censer Use as mdw-nTr R5.
  R7 𓊸 bowl with smoke

Log. or det. transliteration, “incense”.

Use as mdw-nTr W10a.

  R8 𓊹 cloth on pole

Log. transliteration, “god”.

Det. god.

  R9 𓊺 combination of mdw-nTr R8 and mdw-nTr V33 Log. or det. transliteration, “natron”.
  R10 𓊻 combination of mdw-nTr R8, mdw-nTr T28 and mdw-nTr N29 Log. transliteration, “necropolis”.
  R10a 𓊼 combination of mdw-nTr R8 and mdw-nTr T28 Use as mdw-nTr R10.
  R11 𓊽 reed column

Log. transliteration, “djed-column”.

Phon. transliteration.

  R12 𓊾 standard

Det. transliteration, “standard”. Ex. mdw-nTr .

Det. god.

  R13 𓊿 falcon and feather on standard Log. or det. transliteration, “west”, “right”.
  R14 𓋀 feather on standard

Log. transliteration, “west”.

Log. transliteration, “right”.

  R15 𓋁 spear emblem

Log. transliteration, “east”.

Phon. transliteration.

  R16 𓋂 sceptre with feathers and string Log. or det. transliteration, “ukh-fetish”.
  R16a 𓋃 sceptre with feathers Log. or det. transliteration, “Nefertem”.
  R17 𓋄 wig on pole Use as mdw-nTr NU8.
  R18 𓋅 combination of mdw-nTr R17 and mdw-nTr N24 Use as mdw-nTr NU8.
  R19 𓋆 mdw-nTr S40 with feather

Log. transliteration, “Thebes”.

Use as mdw-nTr S40 [Phon. transliteration].

  R20 𓋇 flower with horns Log. transliteration, “Seshat”.
  R21 𓋈 flower with horns Use as mdw-nTr R20.
  R22 𓋉 two narrow belemnites

Log. transliteration, “Min”.

Log. transliteration, “Ausim”.

Phon. transliteration.

  R23 𓋊 two broad belemnites Use as mdw-nTr R22.
  R24 𓋋 two bows tied horizontally Log. transliteration, “Neith”.
  R25 𓋌 two bows tied vertically Use as mdw-nTr R24.
  R26 𓋍 combination of mdw-nTr N17, mdw-nTr F36, mdw-nTr M24a and mdw-nTr M13 Log. transliteration, “unite”.
  R27 𓋎 two arrows crossed over a shield Log. transliteration, “Neith”.
  R28 𓋏 Bat Log. or det. transliteration, “Bat (symbol of Hathor)”.
  R29 𓋐 niche with serpent Log. transliteration, “niche (for statues)”.