H. Parts of Birds

Gardiner Number Sign Description of Sign Functions
  H1 𓅿 head of pintail Log. transliteration, “fowl”. Det. transliteration, “wring neck (of bird)”. Ex. mdw-nTr . Use as mdw-nTr H2.
  H2 𓆀 head of crested bird Phon. det. transliteration. Phon. or phon. det. transliteration. Use as mdw-nTr H3.
  H3 𓆁 head of spoonbill Phon. or phon. det. transliteration.
  H4 𓆂 head of vulture Phon. det. transliteration. Phon. transliteration.
  H5 𓆃 wing Det. wing, fly.
  H6 𓆄 feather Log. or det. transliteration, “feather”. Phon. transliteration. Log. or det. transliteration, “truth”.
  H6a 𓆅 hieratic feather Use as mdw-nTr H6 [Phon. transliteration].
  H7 𓆆 claw Phon. transliteration.
  H8 𓆇 egg Det. transliteration, “egg”. Log. transliteration, “son”. Det. transliteration, “patricians”. Use as mdw-nTr F51c.