Sesh Medew Netcher Sign List

The following is a  list of commonly used Sesh Medew Netcher signs as organized by Sir Alan H. Gardiner in his Egyptian Grammar. The signs are organized into 26 main categories. Choose from any of the links below or in the side menu to navigate to a specific category.

  • Log. – A logogram is a sign that can stand for a word by itself, mostly without phonograms. Some logograms however can stand for several different, etymologically unrelated words. A transliteration and a translation are given for each such reading.
  • Det. – A determinative is a sign that mostly occurs following phonograms (and sometimes logograms) and that serves to narrow down or emphasize the meaning. A determinative normally does not identify a particular word, in which case the description of a range of meanings are given. However, if the known occurrences of a determinative are restricted to one word (and words derived from it), then the transliteration and the translation of that word are given, in a way similar to how logograms are presented.
  • Log. or det. – A sign is included in this class if it can be used as logogram, but may alternatively be accompanied (usually preceded) by phonograms or other logograms.
  • Phon. – A phonogram is a sign that stands for a sequence of consonants, used in writings of words irrespective of their meaning. For phonograms, the tables contain the transliteration, and possibly several variants, say with transliteration versus transliteration.
A. Man and his Occupations

B. Woman and her Occupations

C. Anthropomorphic Deities

D. Parts of the Human Body

E. Mammals

F. Parts of Mammals

G. Birds

H. Parts of Birds

I. Amphibious Animals, Reptiles, etc.

K. Fish and Parts of Fish

L. Invertebrates and Lesser Animals

M. Trees and Plants

N. Sky, Earth, Water

O. Buildings, Parts of Buildings, etc.

P. Ships and Parts of Ships

Q. Domestic and Funerary Furniture

R. Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems

S. Crowns, Dress, Staves, etc.

T. Warfare, Hunting, Butchery

U. Agriculture, Crafts, and Professions

V. Rope, Fiber, Baskets, Bags, etc.

W. Vessels of Stone and Earthenware

X. Loaves and Cakes

Y. Writings, Games, Music

Z. Strokes

Aa. Unclassified




Acknowledgement: Application used to produce sign list made by M. Nederhof’s AELalign, a tool and data formats for representing and exchanging electronic resources on texts in the Ancient Egyptian language.