Mentchew (Montu) at Karnak

Mentchew-Montu at Karnak


Mentchew (Montu) at Karnak:

Six short inscriptions written in a way to make space for the figure of Mentchew (Montu) and to fit with the text that relates to him. The arrangement in the 1st inscription is read left to right and is oriented horizontally (LRH) we know this by reading into the glyphs as if you are speaking with the figures, and animals etc.  The remaining inscriptions are read from right to left vertically (RLV). Here are provided the Transliteration (TRL), Egyptology Speak (ES), and Translation (TRS) for each inscription:

Inscription 1:

TRL: bHdt nTr aA sAb Swt nb msnw

ES: ‘behdety netcher aa sab shewt neb mesnew’

TRS: “He of Behudet, the great God, many colored of plummage, lord of Mesen.”

Inscription 2:

TRL: Dd mdw di.n.(i) n.k rnpwt nHH Dt

ES: ‘djed medew di en ee en ek renepwet neheh djet’

TRS: “Words Spoken, I have given to you years of enternity forever.”

Inscription 3:

TRL: mnTw

ES: ‘mentchew’

TRS: “Mentchew – Montu.”

Inscription 4:

TRL: Dd mdw di.n.(i) n.k anx Dd nb mi ra Dt

ES: ‘djed medew di en ee en ek ankh djed neb mi ra djet’

TRS: “Words Spoken, I have given to you all life and stability like Ra forever.”


Transliteration & Translation done by Setepenre Meri Amen.

Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher (True Scribes of Medew Netcher)


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