Let The Ancestors Speak – Listen!

Let The Ancestors Speak!

All eyes have been on Egypt for a long time now. There are tons of books on Ancient Egypt and there are almost just as many groups, organizations, and religious institutions that rely on Egypt for its own validity. The contributions that ancient Egypt has made to the world are too numerous to name and its popularity has been commercialized to the extent that its being used as a marketing strategy for membership in organizations or the creation of new doctrines. People have so much to say about ancient Egypt without working knowledge of its language and cultural context. Some people literally make up things that sound good and pass it on as accurate information. Out of respect for our illustrious ancestors of the Nile Valley, we must hold people accountable for whatever it is they teach by demanding demonstrations of disclosure of supporting facts and evidence verifying their claims. Culture is expressed through its language. Put another way, language is the DNA of culture and it helps to have a basic working knowledge of the language of the culture under examination. To quote the great scholar Dr. Theophile Obenga:

“Without Greek, no scholar can acquire a genuine grounding in the Western philosophical tradition. Without ancient Egyptian, the restoration of the authentic tradition of black African philosophy, in its most ancient chronological aspect, its most fundamental manifestation, remains impossible.” ~ Theophile Obenga in African Philosophy: The Pharaonic Period.

By demanding better scholarship and demonstrations of support for claims made, we will cut down on the “pimping” of our illustrious ancestors and the legacies left behind for us to continue.

Let The Ancestors Speak!

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