Hatshepsut Crowned By Amen-Ra

Hatshepsut Crowned By Amen-Ra



Hatshepsut Crowned By Amen-Ra:

The arrangement for columns 1-3 is read right to left and we know this by reading into the glyphs as if you are speaking with the figures, and animals etc. Columns 4-8 are read left to right. These inscriptions are facing the same direction as the corresponding figure associated with it. Here are provided the Transliteration (TRL), Egyptology Speak (ES), and Translation (TRS) for each column:


Column 1:

TRL: /Hwt-Hrw Hrt tp wAst/

ES: ‘het-herew heret tep waset’

TRS: “Het-Heru chieftess of Waset.”

Column 2:

TRL: /Dd mdw in Hwt-Hrw Hrt tp wAst zAt HAT-Spswt xnmt-Imn Ssp.n.T/

ES: ‘djed medew in het-herew heret tep waset zat hat-shep-sut khenemet amen shesep en etch’

TRS: “Words spoken by Het-Heru chieftess of Waset, my daughter Hatsepsut, joined with Amen, you have received”

Column 3:

TRL: /xaw pn nfr xr it.T nb nTrw nbw SfSft sxm xprw/

ES: ‘khaw pen nefer kher it etch neb netcherew neb shefshefet sekhem kheperew’

TRS: “this beautiful crown before your father, master of the divinities, possessor of respect, head of beings.”

Column 4:

TRL: /Dd mdw in imn-ra/

ES: ‘djed medew in amen-ra’

TRS: “Words spoken by Amen-Ra.”

Column 5:

TRL: /mAat-ka-ra/

ES: ‘maat ka ra’

TRS: “Maatkare”

Column 6:

TRL: /zAt mrit/

ES: ‘zat meret’

TRS: “my daughter, my beloved”

Column 7:

TRL: /smn.n.T Atf/

ES: ‘smen en etch atef’

TRS: “I establish for you the crown”

Column 8:

TRL: /Dd mdw m tp.T xa.T im.f n rxyt dwA.T n psDt/

ES: ‘djed medew em tep etch kha etch im ef en rekheyt dewa etch en pesedjet’

TRS: “words spoken: on your head that you appear with it for the Rekhyt and the Nine Bows adore you.”


Transliteration & Translation done by: Setepenra Meriamen

Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher (True Scribes of Medew Netcher)

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