Burden Of Proof In The Social Community

The burden of proof is always on the claimant. If a claimant does not support their claim(s) with appropriate evidence, there’s no need to focus or spend energy on it. The Social Community is full of unsupported claims and a lot of energy wasted in back and forth comments. In a debate setting, those claims would be dismissed not having merit and thus, ignored and time and energy are conserved.

  • It is a tactic in intellectual warfare to keep your opponent busy spinning their wheels and using up energy as diversions and distractions.
  • In the combative debating environment that we face on these platforms, it’s insecurity and ego that causes people not to be humble learners from each other but instead, some people can only learn by confrontation. So they throw out empty claims in hopes that you take time and energy to do the work for them and refute it or confirm it. In this case, you are working for them while they have it easy. This is detrimental for them because they will never elevate to better investigatory and research methods.

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