Beginner’s Introduction To Egyptian Hieroglyphic

Course Details

We have partnered with Seba University to provide the beginner’s online course:


The Beginner’s Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphic: A 12 lesson self-paced online study course with scheduled live Q&A sessions with teachers along with email help and support. This method provides students with the freedom of progressing through each lesson at their own pace and convenience. Live interactive sessions with a teacher are scheduled throughout each week to provide all students the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers and commentary on the language and culture of ancient Kemet. This is an extra benefit for students to meet other students and learn in a group environment. We aim to give a very straightforward introduction for anyone first encountering hieroglyphs and a refresher for those who may have some previous experience.  The content of this course is complementary to the text book “A Beginner’s Introduction To Medew Netcher.”



  • The Book – “A Beginner’s Introduction To Medew Netcher – The Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic System” Purchase HERE
  • Computer or mobile device with internet access. All additional course materials are provided with your enrollment.


  • View all lesson information at anytime.  There are interactive online sessions which are created and scheduled throughout the week. Each session will give students an opportunity to ask questions related to the study course, as well as discuss and share information related to ancient Kemet.


  • History of the Egyptian Language and Writing
  • Language Family and Divisions
  • Types of Scripts
  • Direction of Reading and Writing
  • Pronunciation and Ordering
  • Sign Types and Transliteration
  • How to Look Up Words in Dictionaries
  • Sign Lists and Vocabulary
  • Grammar Basics
  • Breaking Up Words and Sentences
  • Numbers and Dates
  • Royal Names
  • Offering Formulas
  • Deciphering of Temple Wall Scenes
  • Review
  • Discussions On Taking Next Step – Intermediate Course


Upon completion of the interactive lessons, there is a final book exam along with an essay. The final exam is designed to test your knowledge and see to it that you have suitable proficiency with the lessons. The essay requires you to transliterate and translate one of the available pictures of primary Kemety inscriptions.


This course is only $100 plus the $29 cost of the text book (purchase here). The low cost reflects one of our goals which is to educated as many people possible on the languages and culture of ancient Kemet.


We have partnered with Seba University to provide the beginner’s online course. Enrollment is a simple matter of clicking the enrollment button below or following the link ( to register to the website and enrolling in the study course. Payment is taken via credit/debit card through PayPal and you are given immediate access to the course. A teacher will also contact you via email with any additional information and live interactive session schedules.