Ahmose Stela

Ahmose Stela


Ahmose Stela:

The arrangement for inscription 1 is read left to right and we know this by reading into the glyphs as if you are speaking with the figures, and animals etc.  Inscriptions 2-4 are read right to left. Inscription 5 is read from left to right. These inscriptions are facing the same direction as the corresponding figure associated with it. The remaining inscriptions are read from right to left. Here are provided the Transliteration (TRL), Egyptology Speak (ES), and Translation (TRS) for each inscription:

Inscription 1:

TRL: /bHdty nTr aA/

ES: ‘behdety netcher aa’

TRS: “He of Behudet, the great God.”

Inscription 2:

TRL: /Hr kA-m-wAst nTr nfr nb tAwy nb-pHty-ra zA-ra n Xt.f iaH-ms di anx Dt/

ES: ‘herew ka em waset netcher nefer neb tawy neb pehty ra za ra en khet ef iahmes di ankh djet’

TRS: “Heru: Bull in Waset, good god, lord of the Two Lands, Neb-Pehty-Ra, son of Ra, of his body, Ahmose, given life forever.”

Inscription 3:

TRL: /sA anx HA.f nb/

ES: ‘sa ankh ha ef neb’

TRS: “All protection and life with him.”

Inscription 4:

TRL: /dbHt-Htp/

ES: ‘debhet hetep’

TRS: “Funerary Offering.”

Inscription 5:

TRL: /Hmt-nsw mwt-nsw tti-Sry anx.ti Dt/

ES: ‘hemet nesew mut nesew teti shery ankh ti djet’

TRS: “King’s wife and king’s mother Tetishery, may she live forever.”

Inscription 6:

TRL: /xpr swt snDm Hm.f m DAdw nswt bity nb-pHty-ra zA-ra iaH-ms di anx/

ES: ‘kheper sewt snedjem hem ef em djadew nesewt bity neb pehty ra za ra iames di ankh’

TRS: “It happened that His Majesty delighted in the pavillion, the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Neb Pehty Ra, son of Ra, Ahmose, given life.”

Inscription 7:

TRL: /irt-pat wrt Hswt wrt iAmt zAt-nswt snt-nswt Hmt-nTr Hmt-nswt wrt iaH-ms nfrt-iry anx.ti xft Hm.f/

ES: ‘iret-pat weret hesewt weret iamet zat-nesewt hemet-netcher hemet-nesewt weret iahmes neferet-iry ankh ti kheft hem ef’

TRS: “The Noble Lady, greatly praised and highly regarded, king’s daughter, king’s sister, god’s wife and great queen, Ahmose Nefretiry, may she live, in presence of His Majesty.”


Transliteration & Translation done by:

Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher (True Scribes of Medew Netcher)


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